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Much of the success of the Vocal Music program at Burbank High School is due to the ongoing support and involvement of former choir members. Alumni join our choirs on stage each year during the Winter Concert for the performance of O Holy Night, and many remain actively involved with our choirs.

If you were once a member of the Vocal Music program at Burbank High School, we would love to hear what you've been doing since graduating. Did you continue to study music after BHS? What are you doing now?

Hollis, Mitch
Class of 2011
Updated 2011-12-25
I am currently studying at University of California Irvine to become a Psychiatrist. College is a great experience with great freedom! It is one of the best things ever and I don't think I will ever want to leave it! I am keeping up with music by singing in the school's All Male Acapella group "Circle of Fifths". The group is very much like Octet at Burbank so it is a great transition. I am also playing hackey sack.
Johnson, Samantha
Class of 2011
Updated 2011-12-24
I'm studying Screenwriting with a minor in Psychology at California State University Northridge. I am planning on adding a double major in Child Development. Currently, I am in CSUN's first acapella group, Acasola. We're planning to go on tour to numerous high school's in So Cal and possibly to other colleges across California. Being in an acapella group has definitely filled the void in my life that has been empty since leaving choir!
Kolus, Hannah
Class of 2011
Updated 2011-11-20
I'm currently a freshman at Brown University, with a concentration in physics. I'm competing on the Brown Fencing Team, and I made it into the Brown's Tones, a fabulous women's acapella group! We've sung at several events so far, including a wedding, and we're planning to record an album later this year!
Maisner, Mallory
Class of 2011
Updated 2011-11-26
I am a volunteer English teacher in Thapsakae, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand. It's now my 6th month here already! From the middle of July to the end of September I saw over 700 students every week, grades 7-12, teaching mon-fri, 8:30 am to 3 pm, at Thapsakae Whittaya High School. From October to now I have had a break, with which I stayed in Pai, for the majority of that time, with Gina Bishop, and am starting at Ban Wang Yang Elementary next week. I plan on staying at Ban Wang Yang for a month or two, then going to Chaikasem and/or Arun Whittaya High School until the term ends in the middle of March. The next term begins in the middle of May, and since my experience of the Thai culture has made clear that there is no such thing as plans or a frame of reference based on time, I have no idea what I will be doing when this term ends. I might go to Korea to visit a friend I met in Pai, come back to California, travel around Thailand and Laos, or some other possibility that arises. I love teaching and I love my students. They welcomed me into their culture and lives, so bravely, and participated in whatever activity I prepared for them. There are no words to describe the bond created, or the respect I received everyday from all of them, not only by their wais (saying hello while hands are in prayer position and bowing the head), but by how open every student was to learning. Incredible. After I get back to California, I'm not sure just yet where I will be going to school because I feel I have a lot of changing to do before I can be sure what I want to study.
Spackman, Mia
Class of 2006
Updated 2012-01-04
After graduating from BHS I attended the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSU Long Beach. Though my primary focus was studying classical music, I was able to keep active in various productions and take on roles with the theater department. I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Music Degree with a concentration in Vocal Performance. In the fall I moved to NYC where I am currently pursuing Musical Theater and voice over work. I must absolutely give credit to my time in show choir for guiding me to where I am now, and 5 years later some of my favorite memories remain tied to the BHS VMA.
Stevens, Kory
Class of 2007
Updated 2011-11-26
I am currently working on my BA in Linguistics and Business Management from Brigham Young University. I served a 2 year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Cambodia from 2008-2010. I returned last week from a 6-month research project in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. I am engaged to Mallory Paige Peterson and we are getting married on December 21, 2011. I continue to sing and play music every day as a solo artist and also in the music group Par Avion, based in Provo, Utah. I plan on graduating in 2013 and pursuing an MBA in International Business.
Stockwell, Paige
Class of 2011
Updated 2013-06-02
Life after choir has been pretty great! I sadly have not continued on in music, but I am pursuing a career in the arts, literally. I attend Azusa Pacific University and am studying Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography. Hopefully this upcoming year will hold new opportunities for me and I'll be around, seeing as there is a new Stockwell tearing it up on the BHS stage.
Tutungi, Alexander
Class of 2011
Updated 2011-11-18
Currently working towards a B.M. at Azusa Pacific emphasizing in music business and performance. Performing in 3 nationally recognized touring choirs as well as working on solo recording and performing throughout L.A while studying under industry professionals and mentors from the L.A. Opera and Master Choir.
Vasquez, Michelle
Class of 2011
Updated 2011-11-21
I'm currently a technical theater major and about to finish my first semester at Columbia College Chicago. I just finished an internship with Dance Exchange and The Museum of Contemporary Art. I miss show choir so much. I want to come back to perform and compete with you all. So if you ever need a stage manager, you can call me and I will come to work. :D Can't wait to see what BHS Choir accomplishes this year.
Westbrook, Katie
Class of 2011
Updated 2011-12-02
I am a freshman here at UCLA, majoring in Psychology and Political Science. I unfortunately have not continued to preform but I promise I sing for fun on a constant basis. :)I miss my BHS VMA family but I am fortunate to live close enough to make a quick visit when needed. I am so proud of this program and I hope that it continues to excell as I know it can. And to all those seniors out there who are worried: trust me, there is life after choir, it's just not as shiny :)