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Charms 101 – How to access the BHS – Burbank Youth Vocal Arts Foundation area of the CHARMS Office website

CHARMS Office is an online service used by the Burbank High – Burbank Youth Vocal Arts Foundation to manage student fundraising accounts and provide access to forms and information pertaining to the Vocal Arts Foundation sponsored initiatives supporting the BHS Choir Program. To access the site, you will be required to login. Follow the instructions below to login for the first time and set up your account.

To access the CHARMS Office website, click the link above or type www.charmsoffice.cominto your browser window

Under the PARENTS/STUDENTS/MEMBERS section, enter the Burbank High – Burbank Youth Vocal Arts Foundation school code BurbankYouthVAF and click “Enter Student/Parent Area.” You are now on the dedicated Burbank High Choir section of Charms.

  • On this page you can access general information from the BYVAF sponsored initiatives supporting the BHS Choir Program. For example, you can see news items at the bottom of the page and a link back to our website at To get any forms, such as Night of Magic or Ad Sales, just click on “Handouts and Files” and it will take you to the page where you can download them.
  • To access your child’s personal account information, you will need to use their student ID# or password if one was created. Enter the ID# or password into the box in the upper left corner of the page and press ENTER. If you have never logged on before, or never changed it, then your password will be your student ID#.
  • If your student ID# does not work, it usually means that a password was previously set up to replace it. If you cannot remember your password, please email to have the password reset to the original student ID#. Freshmen and students new to Burbank High School were given a temporary ID# when they auditioned for the BHS Choir Program. Approximately 3-4 weeks after school begins, the CHARMS system will switch over to using their permanent student ID numbers as passwords instead of the temporary ones.
  • After logging on with your student ID# or password, you will be taken to the Student Area. The Student Area has many of the same links as the previous screen for Forms, News, etc. You can also change your password here by clicking on “Change Password.”
  • To access your child’s fundraising information, click on “Finances.” This will open up your fundraising information, which will show your remaining contribution commitment, contributions, due dates, fundraising activity, and all other related information.
  • To exit Charms, click on the red EXIT CHARMS button on the top left of the page