What is CHARMS?

CHARMS is a website used by the Burbank Youth Vocal Arts Foundation program to track students’ fundraising information and contact information. It is also used to send emails to choir members, parents, alumni and supporters, and to post information to choir members and their families.

What can I do on CHARMS?

As a student member of one of our choirs, you can download forms, check news announcements, look up contact information for BHS Choir Program officers and chairpersons and get information about advertising sales in our programs. In the private section, you can look up financial information about your choir account, including fundraising contribution status and reminders. You can also contribute using PayPal and update the contact information used by the choir program to reach you.

How do I get onto CHARMS?

From within this site, go to INFO–LINKS and click on CHARMS, or you can navigate to www.charmsoffice.com in your web browser. Click the green ENTER button on the upper right portion of the screen. Under the PARENTS/STUDENTS/MEMBERS area, enter BurbankYouthVAF and click the ENTER STUDENT/PARENT button. To access your private account information, enter your BHS Student ID in the STUDENT PASSWORD field and press the ENTER PASSWORD button.

What is the Ralphs Community Contribution program? What is eScrip?

Coming Soon!!!  The Ralphs Community Contribution program is how Ralphs Grocery stores support local school and community organizations. Once you’ve registered for this program, Ralphs will contribute a percentage of each purchase you make to the community group of your choice (hopefully, Burbank Youth Vocal Arts Foundation!). You can find out more information about the program here.

Coming Soon!!!  eScrip has a different approach with the same result. You sign up by registering one or more of your credit/debit cards or grocery club cards with eScrip. When you make a purchase at a participating merchant using one of your registered cards, the merchant will make a contribution to the community group you’ve designated. While eScrip has a wider variety of participating merchants, the one you’re most likely to patronize in Burbank is Pavillions. More information about eScrip can be found here.

Stay tuned for more information soon on how you can sign up for both of these free programs. Special note: The Ralphs Community Contribution program requires members to renew their application each year. If you participated in this program last year, you must submit a new application  for the BHS Choir program to continue to receive your support.